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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"People should be born twice."

"People should be born twice. Once rich and once poor. So the rich will know poverty, and the poor will enjoy life."
The above excerpt is from a foreign film, Solas. It is on Netflix.

I so wish the same. Once you've had certain experiences in life, you tend to never be the same again. I remember the first customer service job that I had, while working there and even still, if I have to call the customer service department of any company, I make sure I am a little bit more patient even if I am highly upset. It is ridiculous how people treat people that they feel inferior too and it is doubly ridiculous that we don't take care to treat everyone we come in contact with with the utmost respect.

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  1. I agree, we all should be more tolerant of those around us and in different situations. Love the quote from the movie, too!

  2. Once we walk in someone else's shoes, we tend to understand.


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