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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Problem Solver

If I were native to the north Americas, my name would be Problem Solver. It is in my nature, my blood. I, intuitively, assess problems and spend lots of time thinking about how to solve it. It is somewhat difficult to explain, but very similar to how parents feel when their children comes to them with a problem.

I am having great difficulty solving my own problems. These problems that I have take more than just me to solve and I am at a place where my intuition is just saying:
Let it go. Worry not for you can't control all things on your own. It is collective and if the WHOLE community is unwilling, then your fight is for nothing. All battles can't be won and these are those battles.
I am still the problem solver, I take on that task with great pride. I know that all problems can't be solved and all problems can't be solved by one person. I don't have time to be stressed nor depressed about the situations in which I can not change. I am letting go.

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