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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Vegetarian Meal Tonight ETL #5 and LWL #2

Me and my hubby threw down tonight in the kitchen. Well, it is no secret that we are LWL and ETL so a meatless meal was what we needed to do. With 4 children, esp one as old as 16; we need to start slow. Eating healthy is not necessarily on our children's minds these days. Well, they liked it and the adults loved it.

On the menu tonight:

Boiled African Yam (white and on the right), (Bajan like) Sweet Potato (yellowish and on the bottom left), and Korean Yam (Silvery white and top right)

Curried Lentils; this served as our gravy

Shang Hai; a type of Asian Cabbage like Bok Choy. The green leafy part tasted surprisingly like spinach (Sorry I didn't think to take photos and uh, it is gone yall.) I think I will make a video showing how I make this next time. It is real simple. We just saute it.
That was it and it was good. OMG!

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