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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SAFE HAVEN not Murder or Abandonment

My heart sank a bit after reading the story of the 14 year old, Cassidy Goodson, who murdered her baby right after giving birth to him.  As soon as I saw my 14 year old, I told her the story and shared with her the importance of coming to me with any concerns.  I will confess that many years ago, I had decided that if any of my girls were to get pregnant as a teenager, they will not have that child.  My reasoning came about because I was a teen parent and as an adult realized all the missed opportunities of the teenage life (I just didn't want my girls to go through what I went through).  My views are a lot different now.  I have learned to communicate openly with my children, teach them about prevention and consequences, and love them unconditionally in spite of any mistakes they may make.

With that being said, we now have a 14 year old girl who will likely spend a lot of time in prison for a crime that could have been prevented.  Every now and then we hear or see ads geared toward girls and women who find themselves with child but don't want it. But it is not enough because it is not consistent.  There is a Nationwide Safe Haven law that does vary by state, but all states have them.  This law basically allows parents to anonymously leave their infant in places like a hospital or police and fire station without being held accountable.  I know a lot of you will blame the parent(s) and other family members and if that is what you want to do, then go right on a head.  This post is not about what they should or could have done, but it is to highlight the major problem, AWARENESS to the Safe Haven Law and the safe places to leave an unwanted infant is lacking.  You can start to help by sharing this blog post in your social networks.

My heart is saddened and goes out to Cassidy Goodson, her life as she has planned thus far will no longer be.  Her world is upside down, whether she knows it now or realizes it later.  When you see her face, it is sweet and innocent and young.


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