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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30 Day Challenge

I am seriously contemplating whether or not I should do a 30 day blog challenge. I have so much going on right now, but I have to admit, the thrill of it is drawing me nearer. I wonder why I have to have such a full plate all the time. The best advice I can tell myself right now is go for it. I am destined for greatness and I will not get there with minimal efforts.

I hope you are ready, because I am. I don't know what content you will get, but I already have a few ideas. I have a few other goals that I am working towards starting tomorrow.

Till Next Time......

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Social Butterfly Website

I went ahead and made a website for Social Butterfly. Now, if I can just get some help with that SEO stuff, we will be alright. Hint, hint.

Almost everyone knows what a Social Butterfly is; however, this Social Butterfly has reinvented the term and is making a name for herself.

Till Next Time......Live Positive <> Stay Positive

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raising Taxes? Are you kidding me!!!

I wrote this blog just a few days ago while at work, so sorry if it is a bit outdated.

Thursday, September 16th I think; I overheard on CNN the complaints of someone about the raising of taxes when Bush's tax law expires.

I'm sorry, I am a bit confused. Are we talking about raising taxes on the rich or taxing them period. I mean there is a difference. The media seems to be trying to play with my mind with their wording. The rich have tax breaks. They are not paying certain taxes. They are saving money. Where is that extra money going? IDK and I wish I knew. I will tell you where it is not going; they are not giving employees raises, they are not hiring, they are encouraging doing more with less, etc.... So, I repeat, where is the money that they are saving at? We are taxed at the pump, grocery store, on the bills, and our lil paychecks. Taxes are necessary. We all need to pay them so that we (Americans) can pay the debts that we owe, lest not forget about schools, community centers, and hospitals. I can probably come up with more, but I won't right now. I don't hear many saying, "I make over $250k and I have hired X employees in the last month, please extend the tax breaks." So, excuse me, this statement is for the small percentage of the rich that receives the Bush credit right now: Tell me, what is being done with the $$ that you are saving, because if it is helping get this economy back on track then I can side with you. Until then, you do not have my vote.

We all need to do our part, including the RICH.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Child's Thoughts????

I come to you this morning with one question
What are you teaching your children?
or should the question really be
What are your children thinking?

When a child does the unthinkable (some examples in recent news; 15 year old rapes a woman in broad daylight as cars pass by or children taunt a girl with a disability on the school bus repeatedly), we often think first of the mother. What is she teaching her child. Some of us may question the parents teachings but often it is blamed on the mother. If you are a mother or father, do you teach your child to bully or take advantage of others. The answer is likely no. The questions really needs to be directed toward the children. A child is not always a reflection of their parents.

Incidences such as the above links are great opportunities for parents and care-givers to speak with the children. Find out what they think about the incidence first, then use this opportunity to enforce whats right and wrong.

This post was inspired by a posting by Live By Design Coaching.

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Stay True to SELF and others will follow

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Others Believe in YOU

Have you ever been nominated for something or asked to partake in helping with an something? If you answered yes, you may have been left wondering "why me?" Instead, you should be asking yourself, why not me? There are some qualities that we do not realize we possess, however, those that are around us see it as clear as day. It doesn't matter if you have fears, you need to note that if someone believed in you, then do the best you can, and while you are doing the thing that you feared you couldn't, you will began to believe more in yourself. I am always scared, scared of failing, scared of rejection, just plain scared of the unknown. After I ask myself, why not, I tell myself, fake it till you make it. What does that mean? The same as above, but here is another way of putting. Well, it means that you force yourself to do what you think you can't (faking it) and while you are becoming more comfortable, you then trick yourself into changing how you felt and you too believe (thus making it).

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Live Positive <> Stay Positive

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friendships are Formed Early in Life

True Friendship

Preschool is usually when friendships outside of family members are formed. Each year the bond becomes stronger. The definition of a friend is a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. The word friend has many new names (these are as heard by my children, TV, and social networks); BFF, bestee, pal, buddy, homie my peeps, ride or die, my niggas (yes, I said it), etc. I would love for you to post some more names. My question is, when does one stop knowing how to be a friend. As humans we need one another; albeit to get ahead in life, to babysit our children/animals, or just to have a shoulder to cry on. I love my friends, each one has their own qualities and are there for me at various stages of my life. If you are a friend, you need to stay true, be there when your friend is falling, choose wise words to say, and offer encouragement. If you feel like you are going to or are capable of stabbing your friend in the back, walk away. One more thing, GET YOUR OWN! You should not rely on others to provide you with anything. Helping and relying upon is TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Take the help of those willing to help and build on that, don't settle and think this is owed to you or you deserve this.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Everyone deserves to be happy. I have come to the realization that everyone does not realize that they deserve to be happy. You need to be happy about the place that you are living in, the job that you have, the business(es) that you run, the mate that you are with, and the company that you keep. Often times, people tend to forget that they need to be happy within. The happiness that you have about yourself, the love that you have for yourself; radiates out of the pores of your skin, it shows on your face, and it is heard in your voice as you speak. If you are walking around pretending, STOP, because those who really know you, know that you are not truly happy. How do you know if you are truly happy? You are truly happy when you can look in the mirror and be happy about who is looking back at you. YOU need to love you for who you are, the skin that you are in, and for all of your attributes and flaws that you have. When you can except who and what you are, then YOU are TRULY HAPPY.

I am not without personal problems or issues. But, hands down, I am happy. I am happy for the skin that I am in. Also, don't get it twisted, there are days when I don't like what is looking back at me in the mirror, but for me, those are temporary feelings/temporary days. They DO NOT DICTATE the reflection of myself. When I am down or upset, it radiates out of me; it is highly noticeable. Those who know me will stop me to inquire about what is wrong. They know that I am not myself. When you are down all the time and people try to cheer you up and you refuse it, then your down state becomes norm and people stop caring about what ails you. Then, you start to think "no one cares about me," well, if you don't care about yourself and you've burned more bridges than you can build then, yes, it will appear that no one cares about you. The best way for you to change the way people react towards you is to

Social Butterfly, how can I learn to be happy with myself? You can start by saying to yourself everyday in the mirror "
I AM HAPPY WITH WHO I AM" It is quick and takes less than 10 seconds to say, post it on your mirror, nightstand, the back of your front door, in your car right above the radio. You are going to fake it until you make it. Once you make it I promise you, I guarantee that YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE, you will have more meaningful relationship; whether friendly or intimate.

This posting is a part of a series about Community-Self.

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

Thursday, September 9, 2010

11 Rules for our Children to Learn

One of my favorite proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child." I love this proverb because I have been raising children since I was a child myself and I would not have been able to do it had it not been for my parents, grandparents, friends of the family, friends, neighbors, and the list goes on. Let's face it, it is a good thing when your child goes out to play and the neighbor sees him/her doing something that shouldn't be done. It is even better when the neighbor takes care of the issue before you find out. But, all in all, that is one aspect of this proverb. In recent times, parents like myself, have been getting help from other sources; social networks and blogs, just to name two. The information that is available on TV and the internet is so valuable. I have learned a lot. Remember when time-out was the thing in the 90s. Well, I used that and I heard about it on TV - it worked.

Below are 11 rules for our children to learn because they will not be taught this in the classroom. Before I give it to you, I must let you know that this was copied from a website. I lost the original link that I saw, however when looking for the article it has come to my attention that this was not the original words of Bill Gates but from a book titled: “Dumbing Down our Kids” by educator Charles Sykes. I have not read the book and I have not verified the wording, however I do agree with it for the most part as it is and that is how I am going to give it to you. As usual enjoy. Leave comments and spread the word. I love feedback.

Rule 1: Life is not fair-get used to it.

Rule 2: The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT make 40 Thousand dollars a year right out of high school. You won’t be a vice-president with a car phone, until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping-they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault, so don’t whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren’t as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parents’ generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers but life has not. In some schools they hav


e abolished failing grades and they’ll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. You have to do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one

This posting is a part of a series about Community-children/family.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grand Opening -- Quick Post

I just started a new business and I am inviting you to my Grand Opening. Send me an email at socialbutterflyemail@gmail.com - in the subject line say, "Invite" and give me your phone cell phone number so I can text you the number and the pin.

Thank you for your support. You are the BEST!!!

Till Next Time......Live Positive <> Stay Positive

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Self Motivation

There comes a time in everyone's life when she/he feels like all hope is lost. It may last for a second; a few hours; a lot of days; and for some, many years. I assure you that all hope is not lost. It just seems that way.

Here is a list of things for you to do or say to motivate yourself when you are sick and tired of attending that pity party you keep throwing for yourself. As usual, there is no particular order. Try them all and pick what works best.

  1. STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF! - You have control over how long you feel sorry for yourself. Dust your shoulder off and pick up the pieces that are worth salvaging.
  2. WRITE AND REPEAT! - Keep a journal, notepad, notebook, tablet, or utilize the notepad feature that may have come with your phone. Write positive notes to your self and/or repeat them to your self when you need a pick-me-up.
  3. TALK ABOUT IT! - Call, IM, text, PM (private message) your friend on Facebook. Get in contact with your friend and tell them what is going on. There is nothing like the comfort that a good friend offers. The words of wisdom that flows from that person's mouth will be like a breath of fresh air. SN: if you have never felt that way after speaking to your friend, don't call that one when you are feeling down.
Here are a few lines for you to say, I am sure one or more of them will pick you up:

I am going to live my life to the fullest.
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
When one door closes; several will become available to me -or- another one will open.
I love myself, flaws and all.
I love me for me.
Smile, Jesus loves you.
Be all you can be.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I have faith in myself.
No one can keep me down, I have the power to get back up.

This posting is a part of a series about Community-Self. I enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Rainy Day

You ever feel like going out side in the rain to ease your pain. What happens when it is not raining outside, do you go in the shower instead?

That was just a random thought. I really missed blogging so I decided to write something. Here is a list of things to do on a rainy day:

  1. Write - I have a few book ideas that I am working on at different times. Have you thought about writing a book. Get started!
  2. Clean - There is always going to be that area in your house that needs some special attention. Perhaps it is the area you love to forget about.
  3. Cook - Take inventory of all the things in your pantry and fridge. Create a dish like no other and eat off of something fancy.
  4. Sleep - We are all probably a little sleep deprived. Napping is great. Going to bed a couple of hours earlier than usual is even better.
  5. Shop - You know I sell women's accessories at Free Spirit Accessories. Go through your closet and find 7 outfits, request a catalog by sending me an email at socialbutterflyemail@gmail.com and buy 1 piece/set per outfit. That will give you enough flexibility to mix and match your pieces for a new look everyday.
What do you like to do on a rainy day

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive
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