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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Everyone deserves to be happy. I have come to the realization that everyone does not realize that they deserve to be happy. You need to be happy about the place that you are living in, the job that you have, the business(es) that you run, the mate that you are with, and the company that you keep. Often times, people tend to forget that they need to be happy within. The happiness that you have about yourself, the love that you have for yourself; radiates out of the pores of your skin, it shows on your face, and it is heard in your voice as you speak. If you are walking around pretending, STOP, because those who really know you, know that you are not truly happy. How do you know if you are truly happy? You are truly happy when you can look in the mirror and be happy about who is looking back at you. YOU need to love you for who you are, the skin that you are in, and for all of your attributes and flaws that you have. When you can except who and what you are, then YOU are TRULY HAPPY.

I am not without personal problems or issues. But, hands down, I am happy. I am happy for the skin that I am in. Also, don't get it twisted, there are days when I don't like what is looking back at me in the mirror, but for me, those are temporary feelings/temporary days. They DO NOT DICTATE the reflection of myself. When I am down or upset, it radiates out of me; it is highly noticeable. Those who know me will stop me to inquire about what is wrong. They know that I am not myself. When you are down all the time and people try to cheer you up and you refuse it, then your down state becomes norm and people stop caring about what ails you. Then, you start to think "no one cares about me," well, if you don't care about yourself and you've burned more bridges than you can build then, yes, it will appear that no one cares about you. The best way for you to change the way people react towards you is to

Social Butterfly, how can I learn to be happy with myself? You can start by saying to yourself everyday in the mirror "
I AM HAPPY WITH WHO I AM" It is quick and takes less than 10 seconds to say, post it on your mirror, nightstand, the back of your front door, in your car right above the radio. You are going to fake it until you make it. Once you make it I promise you, I guarantee that YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE, you will have more meaningful relationship; whether friendly or intimate.

This posting is a part of a series about Community-Self.

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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