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Monday, September 13, 2010

Friendships are Formed Early in Life

True Friendship

Preschool is usually when friendships outside of family members are formed. Each year the bond becomes stronger. The definition of a friend is a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. The word friend has many new names (these are as heard by my children, TV, and social networks); BFF, bestee, pal, buddy, homie my peeps, ride or die, my niggas (yes, I said it), etc. I would love for you to post some more names. My question is, when does one stop knowing how to be a friend. As humans we need one another; albeit to get ahead in life, to babysit our children/animals, or just to have a shoulder to cry on. I love my friends, each one has their own qualities and are there for me at various stages of my life. If you are a friend, you need to stay true, be there when your friend is falling, choose wise words to say, and offer encouragement. If you feel like you are going to or are capable of stabbing your friend in the back, walk away. One more thing, GET YOUR OWN! You should not rely on others to provide you with anything. Helping and relying upon is TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Take the help of those willing to help and build on that, don't settle and think this is owed to you or you deserve this.

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