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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Others Believe in YOU

Have you ever been nominated for something or asked to partake in helping with an something? If you answered yes, you may have been left wondering "why me?" Instead, you should be asking yourself, why not me? There are some qualities that we do not realize we possess, however, those that are around us see it as clear as day. It doesn't matter if you have fears, you need to note that if someone believed in you, then do the best you can, and while you are doing the thing that you feared you couldn't, you will began to believe more in yourself. I am always scared, scared of failing, scared of rejection, just plain scared of the unknown. After I ask myself, why not, I tell myself, fake it till you make it. What does that mean? The same as above, but here is another way of putting. Well, it means that you force yourself to do what you think you can't (faking it) and while you are becoming more comfortable, you then trick yourself into changing how you felt and you too believe (thus making it).

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