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Friday, October 7, 2011

My Top 5 Smoothie Ingredients (ETL #5)

As many of you know, I am really into smoothies these days. AND, I have stated before -I think, that smoothies are a great way to incorporate raw food into your diet. I have yet to try any of those exotic recipes like raw chocolate pudding or raw pizza, though.

I have never wondered what the health benefits were of anything that I have eaten before, so why now. Plain and simple, IDK, but it sure is fun to know. I feel smarter and informed. So, I will share that info with you. In addition, you know Google and me are buddies, so that is how I found the links below.

Here are my top 5 ingredients I use in my green smoothies.
  1. BANANA - Here are 8 health benefits of this fruit. (When I purchase my bananas, I peel, break into 2, and wrap in aluminum foil to freeze. I never use ice for my smoothies)
  2. DATES - I use this as a sweetener and I add about 2 or 3 per smoothies. Here are its benefits.
  3. KALE - This is where the green comes in. I love it because it is dark and the taste is mild; which means you won't taste it once you add all of your fruit and spices. This vegetable has 9 health benefits.
  4. APPLE - An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Here are 10 health benefits, many of which is a cancer preventor. Hmmmm, it is Cancer Awareness Month (breast).
  5. AVOCADO - I usually cut it in half so I can get 2 uses out of it. The 2nd cut is put in the freezer too. These have 10 health benefits too. I have also heard that avocados should be eaten every day.
Here are the links to the past ETL (Eating To Live) postings:

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