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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Come On BOFA! ! ! ! !

Source: http://www.jurug.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Bank-of-America-Corporation-Logo-Image.jpg

Bank of America made great profits this quarter after grave losses last year. Let's see what happens to real people, Corporate America, when they have a lost one year and a gain the next.

Here's the scenario:
I lost my job last year making 70,000. My home was foreclosed on and I had to sell most of my belongings because I couldn't afford to put it all in storage. This year, I am working and making 30,000 full-time while I am able to make an additional 16,000 part-time. I see less of my family and we live in a 1200 sq. ft. apartment. How's that for a years gain.

Although this scenario is not a real one, the reality is real. A whole corporation and those working in it, are thriving and surviving while many working class people aren't. I am not mad at the fact that a company can make a comeback. I am mad because this company and many like it, are bleeding regular people dry, while making that comeback.

SN (side note), if they can clear out a few bad investments and make back more than half of what they lost last year, imagine the profits in a few quarters once they start charging people $5 per month for using their debit cards. More on that one in another post.

SN #2, did you see the slogan under their logo above. I didn't make this up. Unbelievable!

Read original article here: Bank of America post earnings increase

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