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Monday, October 31, 2011

Poem - Mother to Son

For now, this poem is called Mother to Son by Jenise Bradshaw.  I have some thoughts about changing the title to From a Mother to her Son or something like that, but I need feedback on that.  I have also included my son and I photo (a lil personal touch).  If you are a mom or a son, hopefully you will like it, and possibly relate.  This poem also came about because one of the first poems I ever read was "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes.

Mother to Son by Jenise Bradshaw

I look at you every day in utter amazement at the shear essence of your being
I know that I played a major part in your existence; there’s no disagreeing
There’s not much I can control
As I am unable to control your every move
You were raised to be independent; I taught you all the (my) rules of life
Yet you continue to disappoint me and leave me with strife
Love is a word that is not often spoken but much understood
I do what I can for you, all for the greater good
Yelling and screaming is a part of me now
Even though when you were a babe, I didn’t know how
Oh, you take me there; to a very dark place
I cry many days and many nights
All while trying to remember you are to be embraced
Well, I’ll tell you life for me is not much of anything
Many days are sacrificed to make sure that you have essentials
I do pray my sacrifices are not in vain because you have potential
You were and still are given the best of me
In hopes that your eyes will see what a woman is worth
I have high expectations; so son don’t let me down
It’s really hard to look past the shit that you do
Often times I wonder if my blood is really running thru you
Living life vicariously through someone else’s lens
Will cause you to suffer and you’d need to make amends
So take heed to my words as much as possible
To avoid the same mistakes that was made before you
So Son, know that I love you

This is my handsome 16 year old.

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