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Monday, October 31, 2011

Poem - You Care About What........

You Care About What I Do, But Not How I Live

I’ve come from countries near and far
Witnessed the despair of the generations before me
Lived in many a places
The favelas of South America, the shacks of the Caribbean, the projects of North America, even the ghettos of Europe, and shanty towns of elsewhere
My dignity is non-existent
I eat by any means necessary; will work for any dime, nickel, or cent
When you see me, you remove the Help Wanted signs from your windows
Not interested in employing the likes of me
You don’t bother to travel through my part of town with your bull horns announcing employment opportunities
But you will knock on my door to tell me that Jesus is coming and that I must repent
So, I lay where I can, with whom will receive me
Some people take what they want and give me what they can
There’s a seed that grows within and I, by no means, don’t have a plan
I’ve sowed many fields and planted many gardens
I can get by, but by whose grace?
You turn up your noses, you stamp decline on the papers that I submit
When will you have time to help me; take the time to direct me?
Don’t bother, it is OK.  I am my own person, right?
Many beautiful plant lives grow out of the cracks; lush green grasses and floral weeds
But there isn’t any crack big enough to sustain another human life
So save your mumble jumble for yourself and let me do what is best for me
For within me grows a seed that doesn’t, that won’t, that can’t fit through the cracks
Where you live, how many cracks in the ground do you see?

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