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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Pay Your Damn TAXES!!!

How many times will we have to hear about the deficit. How easy or hard is it to fix. There is no one person to trust or believe in at this point. The sad part is, the problem will never truely be fixed. When life is good, who is really paying attention to what the government is doing? Not the ones who is living it up. Here is the thing, this current economy has nothing to do with what Pres. Obama did or didn't do, neither does it have to do with what Pres. Bush did or didn't do. There is no one person to blame, however, my fellow Americans don't get it. This trouble has been brewing for quite some time. So what can we do? I wish I had the answers.

This outrage has people rallied up and they have decided to take it to the streets; while others are simply asking to do their share by paying more taxes. I wonder if it can be that simple. Can some or all of these mega rich people pay the same percentage in taxes as I do and somewhat fix the mess that we are in. Russel Simmons believes it will help; see it here. Try not to dwell on the fact that he doesn't even look at you nor the interviewer while he is talking. I mean, is it just me that would notice something like that. Strange. Anyway, Warren Buffet asked the same thing (not about Russel and his shyness, but raising his taxes).
"Famed investor Warren Buffett and Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons have at least one thing in common: They both want the U.S. government to raise their taxes." http://nyti.ms/pS5HvE
2012 is right around the corner and you know what, these same idiots who don't want to pay more taxes will open up their purses and fork over thousands, if not millions of dollars to help ensure that their candidate gets into office. Hmmmm, shame, shame, shame.

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  1. Thanks for posting this... I think that if everyone paid their fair share... the country would be *just fine*. As a micro business owner - i don't think incomes should be capped -- but I do think the fact that we have the biggest chasm between rich and poor of any industrialized country does say something about our system.

    I wonder if we what would happen if we could decouple "benefits" - i.e. health insurance and retirement from traditional employment to allow for more people to strike out on their own. I guess that would be more government.. and more spending... but wouldn't economies of scale make it so we all got more for less?

  2. I am down with "more for less." We would spend and the economy would be in better shape. All I see is us spiraling out of control. You can't get gas for your car, feed your family, and pay all your bills when you get paid and that is a major problem. Thank you for posting Meredith.

  3. I must agree with you. Large corporation and other billionaires must also pay taxes according to their bracket. form 2290

  4. It's sad that some people lack the responsibility of paying their taxes. What's even worse is most some cases, it's the people with money and power who ignores this responsibility.

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