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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Getting Married!

The title words are what most mothers and fathers want to hear when their child grows up.  Many little girls dream of the day as early as six, while other girls turn into women thinking that it will never happen to them.  But, once those words are uttered, a host of thoughts can go through ones head.  You instantly think about when, where, theme, colors, and dress.  Flowers are actually equally as important on that special day as the flowers are what the bride carries in her hand, or what the gentlemen wear on their lapel, the decorations on each table, and on ones chair.

The Knot, one of the major online go-to wedding websites, chose a Toledo wedding florists for a 2011 pick.  Hafner Florist serves the surrounding Toledo, Ohio area and has been doing so for over 18 years.  One must put as much enfaces on the flowers as one would their dress, tuxedo, and location.  Without a beautiful arrangement of flowers to adorn oneself and/or tables, one would truly miss out on something extra special.


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