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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fast Week 1: My first day

Two summers ago, I was compelled to fast.  Something within was encouraging me to fast.  I had never felt like that before.  I did go ahead and fast for 3 days.  Read/View here.  At the start of 2012, I began to hear that voice again, and so, I have started to fast.  This fast, however, will be different.  I did look into different types of fast and I am soo sorry that I never posted my research.  I will get to that soon.

So, for $3.99, I purchased the book 'The New FastGirls.'  It was read in 2 sittings and I tried my 24 hour fast. As the weeks progress, I will discuss avenues, insights, thoughts, etc on the 24-36 hour weekly fast.  This intro post is to just update my readers and to gain some followers who choose do it and discuss.

By the way, I managed not to really eat for almost 20 hours (I had 2 gram crackers throughout the day when my stomach was really loud), I did pray and tried to meditate.  I over ate that night for dinner and I was fully aware of it.  I vowed with myself to be better prepared for breaking my fast, whether I do it for 20 or 36.  I also ate and smelled a grapefruit.

As I am now drinking teas, I am choosing to drink teas and water during my fast.  I may go as far as to buy distilled water as I have read it is good to do so during detoxing.  Whenever I am able to buy an alkalizing water machine, of course I will drink that instead.

I so look forward to this new journey and I hope you join me.  I will work on getting the Fast Week post out no later than Tuesday night of each week.  My fast day will be from sometime Sunday night to around 7:00am-ish Tuesday mornings.  If you are blogging about your fast, post the exact link in the comment box so that I can comment on your blog too.

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