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Sunday, January 22, 2012

College Bound Kids

As a mother of 4, I look forward to all of my children opening up their college acceptance letters.  I have groomed them; well, I still am grooming them to be college graduates.  The jury is still out on whether college is worth its weight in debt; but, just in case you are wondering how to pay for or help pay for your child's' tuition, you should look into Mission Tuition.

The concept and process is so simple.  You simply sign up and they will open up an educational savings account for you with Wells Fargo; then shop at merchants you're likely already shopping with. Each merchant will give you a set cash back amount or a percentage as cash back of your order which goes into your account.  Be sure to also check out the participating merchants, I saw one merchant offer 35% cash back - a $100 order yield's $35 into your account.  Now that's what I call shopping and saving.  Your child and your wallet will thank you greatly one day.

How can I forget to tell you that it is free to join, so what are you waiting for.

Thank you for your support, make sure you comment, subscribe, and visit my sponsors.

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