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Friday, January 13, 2012

Bathroom Updating/Remodeling

When you want to update or add a bathroom to an existing home, you must not overlook the style of the room.  Are you going for a modern look or are you wanting to keep with the original charm of your 1920s home. Bathrooms are usually the smallest room(s) in the home, however some privileged persons may have a home with bathrooms as big as bedrooms.  No matter the size of the room, be sure to not overlook the versatility of vessel sinks.  These babies come in various materials as well, such as porcelain, glass, and stone; and are sure to go with your decor.

You can't purchase a sink without the necessary hardware, so once you choose the vessel sink, be sure to choose a complementary vessel faucet.

I know you like it.  Well maybe not, but I sure do.  The lines in the marble are so organic and the oil finish of that faucet completes the statement.  All I need is a fancy baroque style wallpaper and my bathroom will be complete.

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