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Friday, December 9, 2011

To Marry Your Rapist

Growing and living in a Western Society does little to prepare you for how the rest of the world lives.  As a woman, I am naturally compassionate towards all things having to do with woman that I personally feel is not right.  I am also against people who like to go into these non-westernized countries and demand changes are to take place because it is wrong.  I am fully aware that what I feel is wrong, others may not.  

With that said, I came across this article titled, "Jailed Afghan woman freed but urged to marry rapist."  When it comes to women, (I have read or heard) many Middle Eastern and African cultures treat their woman in a negative way.  What I mean by that is by stoning to death or jailing women for committing adultery or being raped and vaginal mutilations (which takes the pleasure out of sex and causes problems during child birth).  I do admit, that hearing stories like these makes me glad that I am a westerner; however, those events does not occur in all non-westernized countries. 
"Gulnaz said, 'My rapist has destroyed my future,' " Ms. Malpas said, recounting their conversation. " 'No one will marry me after what he has done to me. So I must marry my rapist for my child's sake. I don't want people to call her a bastard and abuse my brothers. My brothers won't have honor in our society until he marries me.' "
I have found it most interesting that the judge has suggested Gulnaz, the victim, to marry her rapist.  Given the logistics on how this society works, it is a plausible solution.  As you read the brief article, you will see that Gulnaz is willing and will probably marry the rapist for her daughter's sake, however, she wants an insurance policy along with it.

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