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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Calgary, Alberta

One of my favorite HGTV shows was Property Virgins.  Often times, they featured homes in various areas of Canada.  That show has inspired this post and may become a multi-part post feature.  The City of Calgary is located in the Province of Alberta, Canada.  It has nearly, if not over, 1 million residents that occupy it; while it's metropolitan area has greatly exceeded 1.2 million.  Like most, if not all, of the North Americas, Calgary was settled by the Europeans.  Before they came along, its inhabitants were called the Clovis people or Paleo-Indians; they may have been there for more than 11,000 years. There way of life began to change in the late 1870s.

Being the first Canadian City to host the Olympic Winter Games, Calgary's economy stems from tourism, agriculture, and petroleum industry.  One of Calgary's highlights is the Southland Leisure Centre; which boast 227,000 sq. ft.  It is a recreation center that powers its indoor pools with a solar system.

When considering relocating; consider renting first to get a feel for the place before investing in any real estate.

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