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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Proactive Parenting: Bullying

Social Butterfly Presents: Proactive Parenting

Proactive: Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory...

Parenting: The rearing of a child or children, especially the care, love, and guidance given by a parent.


Parenting is not an easy job; however, it is a rewarding one. One of the mantras my children hear me say is, "My job is to teach you right from wrong." If we don't teach them right from wrong, they may not get that lesson elsewhere.

Currently, there are children who are killing themselves because of bullying. I have never been bullied to the point where I felt helpless, but there are children who are experiencing this daily. I know children tease each other, I witness it in my own house. Each and everytime I hear them, I cut it short and let them know that that sort of behavior is unexceptiple. It is not tolerated in or outside of our home.

I can not pretend that I know what is in the mind of a child that bullys; but as a parent, I strongly feel that we can start letting our children know that someones differences are normal. Humans are not all the same. The younger your child is the better. Let's be proactive parents.

Life lessons are easy to incorporate in your families daily life.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to write on this. People think bullying is a new concept. It is not, but the difference is there are fewer parents teaching children bullying is wrong and of course social media is allowing it to be almost continuous.

    There are those who are bullied by peers and that is not limited to children. There are those who are bullied by superiors.

    In elementary school I was bullied by kids in PE directed by the PE teacher. As a child, I didn't understand and felt with her being an adult who do I tell? The recent deaths have been with children, but there were a few myspace deaths a few years ago by parents and adults sending children to attack another.

    We need to teach children how to handle what seems to be unavoidable anymore.

  2. Parents really do need to get involved and be proactive in not only teaching their own children not to bully and how to cope with bullying, but also by intervening when they see other children being bullied. Someone has to step in.

    Many teachers are failing in this part of their job (not all, some do deal with it as best they can) or not able to stop it without parental involvement and support.

  3. @MJ and Michelle, thank you for commenting. My daughter has had some issues at school before and I was confused about why she was having them. When asked what did the teacher do, she said "nothing." I just hope that in the light of the suicides that are going on, adults start getting serious.

  4. Great Post! This hits home for me as my 9 year old is currently dealing with a school bully. She was pushed off of her bike and slapped last week. I had to the authorities involved and my poor daughter was afraid to go to school! Luckily she has two older sisters that walked her to school and made her feel safe.

  5. Wow, Ronda, Thanks for sharing. As a parent going through this, do you have advise for the parent of a bully?


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