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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Poetic Spit & Hmmmmm, Music

The Poetic Spit

I love music. It has affects that are hard to explain. I love to write, and that too has affects that are hard to explain. My words flow, it flows so fast that if I am not ready, I will lose it. Strange feeling, I can beg and beg, for those words to come back to me. Its like the bus driver that saw you running and kept going so that the schedule can be kept. I love my spirit for together we make beautiful music together.

Hmmm, Music

I enjoy being in my room alone
The house is quiet, my room is my own
My head space begins to clear
My soul rejoices and cheers
The words flow and sounds sweet to me
The music that plays makes me free
I am free to be me
When my house is quiet, my room my own
I spit things that only I can hear
My paper becomes my companion
My pen is ever so near
The singer sings the blues
The melodies feel my cup
Gives me motivation
As that cup overflows
The singer continues to blow
My soul says please
Play one more song
Hmmmmm, Music
My spirit is not done with me
I need more music to inspire me
Hmmmmm, Music
It does wonders for me
The soothing affect
keeps my thoughts in check

Spit: To bust a rhyme. To freestyle.

I hope you enjoyed my randomness. I often write something random in my notebook or in my word document. Tonight, I was inspired by the music that is playing on my phone and the quietness of my personal space. I am often at this place on Thursday nights as that is the last day that I work for the week. I feel a sense of relief because I know that tomorrow is mine to enjoy on my own terms. So for that very reason, my Spirit inspires me, comforts me, and assures me of the many blessings and gifts that I have.

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive


  1. I rarely listen to music. With 4 kids it just seems like more noise. My niece always says she feels music deprived when she's been over. :) Stopping from Mom Loop.

  2. I like music....when I work out I listen to up beat gospel music get's me through my workout! I also like listening to music when I am in my suv.
    There I listen to R&B ......Music is a good thing!
    Good post

  3. LOL @laughwithusblog. I love it, mostly when I am alone. My husband and children listen to music that does not soothe my mind. That's is what I am after when I turn it on. I have 4 children too and I understand what you mean by the noise. Thx for stopping by.

  4. @Sayako, thx for the comment too. Music, like milk, does the body good. ;)


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