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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Are You Waiting for Superman? Pt.1

Ok, so, I haven't seen the new documentary, "Waiting for Superman," but I really want to go and see it. When it comes to the education system of the United States, I have often wondered what was it's true agenda. I remember my elementary years were filled with learning at Pilgrim Christian Academy. In 8th grade, I had to go to public school. Yes, it was a scary moment in my life. During the 1st week of school, I had learned that I was smarter than my classmates, knew more then most of the kids, and did this work either a year or two ago. Those are not lessons you want your child to learn the first week of school. I was successful at dumbing myself down just so I can fit in. When I was a teenager, my brother was either in the 1st or 2nd grade. He was so proud of his grade, it was an A or B, and I looked at his paper to see a misspelled word. I was soo confused. How could a teacher miss that, "Your teacher must be dumb." Thats was I told him and he went crying off somewhere. My mom told me it was mean to say such things. By the time I had my children, I just knew that my children where not going to public school. Needless to say, I had the opportunity to send then to a parochial school, but due to circumstances they had to go to public school.

I have set very high standards for my children. They do know what is expected of them. I knew that education was important when I was a child and my children know that too. They all know that they are going to college right out of High School and if they don't know what they want to do they will get an Associates degree in something of interest.

I was watching Larry King the other evening when Prof. Ben Stein suggested that parents are to blame for the education system failing. Ok, if he didn't say it, he inferred it. I couldn't disagree with the man anymore than I already was. Parents are a child's first teacher, but once they get in school, there isn't much else the parent can do. Yes, there are basics; make sure your child is in a safe and working environment, has the essential tools needed to do the work, and eat balanced meals. If there are somethings that I am missing, please comment. I have a laundry list of things that I blame these parents for and it has nothing to do with the what the teacher is teaching my child.

I remember learning my multiplication table in the 2nd or 3rd grade; by grade 3 or 4, I was writing papers and using the encyclopedia for a science paper. I am sure I can muster up some more memories, but essentially the school system is failing our children because their standards have been lowered. Yet, when a child comes to America and enters the school system they are left back a grade, or what about all the immigrants who have degrees and were practicing Medicine or Nursing in their home country; they can not do the same here. They have to go to school all over again. We ranked 20th in the top 25 of developing countries education list. You can travel anywhere in the world and take your degrees and practice your craft, but here in America, you have to start over. This is not a fare system and our children can't compete in the world yet alone against other schools in the same state.

Become open-minded. Learn the views of others so that yours is well-rounded. Pledge to see Waiting for Superman. I did.

Parents are a child's first teacher, but once they get in school, there isn't much else the parent can do.
Part 2 will explore what else we can do as parents to help our children succeed.

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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  1. Superman? Millionaires collect unemployment... What then to say about the average guys. Women want prince...


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