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Monday, July 5, 2010

Keep Still

Remember when your mom needed to do your hair or fix something on you and she'd ask you to keep still. How about when your teacher commanded your attention or when in church you kept figiting in the pew: "Keep still", one of your parents would say.

Well, sometimes I have to tell myself to keep still. Even though it is not my physical body thats moving, my mind is. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes, well not so good. Like when I have school work to complete. I hadn't mind the lack of keeping still my mind before I got sooo involved with the internet. But, none the less, I noticed a long time ago that I can not complete task without starting another one. Classic example, lets say I am cleaning the bathroom and my daughters sweater is on the floor. I pick it up, go and hang it up where it belongs and, instead of going right back to the bathroom to finish, I am distracted by something else and I am now cleaning up in my daughters room. Ugh, this is so annoying. But, this is something about myself that I know exist so, I embrace it. I try to work it out.

Well, OMG, here comes the computer. I mean, computers have been around since I was a kid so it is not new. But, now, I am growing a few businesses and going to school full-time while working 5 days a week. Talk about overload. Most days, I don't mind because I know, it won't be like that forever. So, when I set out to do something online, ie. add product to my online store, it takes super long. I have tweetdeck making noise and popping up on my screen (I am trying to learn more about social issues and NPOs (non-profit organizations) I will talk about tweetdeck in another post.) I have numerous tabs open because I swear I am going to come back and read that article or see what product someone is selling. Don't get me started on my FB (facebook) games; btw (by the way) I have given up on a few games and I am down to 1.
All in all though, I love the information I am getting online. I mean, think back 10 years and the lack of readily available information. I know that I probably suffer from adult ADD but, I embrace who I am and I try to work it out with all the distractions. "Because if I don't learn something or visit some site to figure something new out, I would just die", I say in a bratty teenage voice. LOL

Till next time....

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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