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Friday, July 9, 2010

We are More Prepared for the Changes to Come

Some of us was not prepared for the shift changes that has occurred within the last few years. We, for the most part, was caught off guard. Probably had the mindset that 'we were good', 'not me', or 'I got this'. The lost of jobs and homes and livelihoods was devastating. My shift change occurred right after 9/11 and I have been learning to live within this tornado that has developed from the storm that has been brewing from this shift change. I have learned a lot about survival as I am sure you have too.

The term 'Life is Good' is true for all of us whether we can accept it or not. But, trust me when I tell you your 'Life is Good'. We can not grow unless we go through trials and tribulations. We fall and gain the courage to get right back up. We live a fast life and then the powers that be, puts a halt to that. We can't get mad or stay mad at that because, it's just an indication that we are not living right. Not having a job, losing your home, helping our children deal with things that we ourselves have never had to deal with is all apart of a bigger plan. If you claim that, then it is so.

I Fell Today

I fell today
Flat on my face
I wanted to win it
So, I joined the race
I never ran a marathon
I never picked up a microphone
That didn't stop me
Confidence, you see

I was running so well
I passed a few and along the way
I fell flat on my face
Came home and argued with my man
He yelled at me and said "GET OVER IT
What the fuck he know.
He's not the one with all the bruises
I scraped my knee, broke a couple of teeth
Nearly broke my heart for my EGO got up and
Took one look at me and is now ashamed of me
Original Poem by Jenise Bradshaw (not OK to duplicate without mentioning my name and source)

Till Next time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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