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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rome was not Built in a Day

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Well, how about 21 days. It doesn't really matter how many days it takes as long as you know that it takes time. You can't beat yourself over the head when you lapse. The habits that I have (I have plenty) are being changed slowly. When I fall off one day, I always have my inner self cheering me on to be better at it the next.

So, I will share two of the habits that I am trying to break now: (drum roll please)

  1. Bill paying: I hate it, and I hate it more when I feel that I don't have enough money to cover it all.
  2. Overeating: I do have my favoites foods that I can just devour. I now find balance during the day or within the next few days to compensate if I hate too much.

So, when you decide that it is time to change something; don't be hard on yourself, know that it takes time, connect with your inner self for guidance, and grab yourself an accountability partner (more on that in another post).

Till next time.....

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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