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Friday, July 9, 2010

My Fast is Complete

I will have fasted for 3 days at 6pm on July 9th, 2010. I feel great and am forever grateful that I have decided to travel this journey for I now see it has brought me closer to where I need to be in life. I was compelled to do some out of ordinary things for these 3 days; July 7th - 9th, 2010.

  1. Fast
  2. Write 2 blog post; The first is about the experience of how I came to do this fast, The second was about the changes in which all of us have been experiencing in our lives and how now we are prepared for the changes that are about to take place.
  3. Do a video blog; which I am sharing here. This prayer came to me on my first eve of the fast. I am quite nervous in sharing it but these are the words that I wrote.

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  1. Huh!!! All I can say to you now is ALAFIA(peace be unto you).


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