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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Found the light switch

I tell you, there is nothing more exciting than to be happy with your life. Don't get me wrong, everything isn't where I want it to be but I am happy with where I am currently in my life. Years of being unhappy, unsure, undecided....what a dark time. The thing is, once your eyes get adjusted to a dark room, it no longer seems like its really dark after all. Thing is, the lights are out whether you can see the space you are in or not. Well, the lights are on in my life and it is a bright light. There is no chance that I would bump into anything. All decisions/moves are made fully aware of my surroundings/consequences.

One of the goals of the Social Butterfly Group is to help other women find that light switch.

Until next time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

1 comment:

  1. Great perspective. Some days my light is on brighter than others.


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