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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letting Go

I am not sure how many moms and dads thought about their children growing up when they first starting having children. I can tell you, that I didn't. The older mine gets, the harder it is for me to face reality; they are getting older. I have to let them live their lives the way they want to eventually and with my oldest, I am learning to do just that. We spend years teaching and disciplining and loving unconditionally; but then.....they are almost 17.

My son wanted to spend some time across town. I stalled with answering him, once the question was asked. I only want him to go to school, get good grades and head straight to college. All the in betweens; parties, curfew, and girls on the phone, Facebook, and in person, did not make the original list of what I wanted for him. In reality, it is a list that was created and would have been created whether I wanted it to or not.

While he was away for this holiday weekend (labor day 2o11), I twiddled my fingers. My biggest fear is that he will make a decision that can ruin his life. I guess most, if not all, parents have that fear. Needless to say, he made it back safe and he gave me a version of how his weekend went.

I am happy that all of my talks and punishments from past outings that went wrong, have paid off. I feel more confident in letting him go out now. The moral of this post is, make sure you talk often to your child about your expectations. Talk to them about possible situations that may arise and how best to avoid and/or handle them. If your household is anything like mines, you have to repeat the same thing over and over; ie do your chores?, did you do your chores yet? Uh, your chores are not complete!...... Same thing has to be done with life situations. My son has heard speech after speech about safe sex, bad influences, drugs and smoking, and his health. I don't pay any of his "Ok Mom, I know this already" looks, any mind either.

As parents, we have to stand our ground, and give it to our children straight. Are you giving it to your child straight or sugar coated things?

Till Next Time......
Live Positive ~ Stay Positive

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