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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Smoothie Now! (ETL #3)

The title question sums up the reason for this post. I am becoming a smoothie head. I am so excited about smoothies, I have decided to try and come up with appealing recipes for my palate. As you know, I am in a house of 6, so I only have to make up ones to suit me for now. I do have hopes that the more I drink it the more curious everyone else will be and ask to try one. Hopefully soon, everyone will be smoothie heads.

So why smoothies. I do think I told you that I borrowed/took my moms juicer. I still remember the excitement of tasting carrot juice. Well the mess and clean-up is a bit much for everyday, whereas the blender is just a good rinse. In addition, you can get more fiber by way of all the bits just being chewed up for you by the blender. So, it is a healthy option. The juice from the juicer is very liquidity, while the smoothie is thicker. So that is a consideration when deciding which process you will be using at any particular time. Making smoothies also gives you an opportunity to add unusual ingredients, such as herbs.

You can make smoothies from just about any blender, however OfficeMax has a cool blender that has special settings for smoothie and ice crush.

I just am loving this. I do hope you try it.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't have thought to turn to making smoothies vs. juicing. Juicing definitely requires a massive clean up that I'm not interested in all the time. I can handle the blender. I'll check out officemax as well.

    Visiting by way of Blog Share on FB! Nice blog!

  2. Blog Share is soo great. Thx for stopping by. I am really liking your creativity at your blog. I'm a follower. Look forward to seeing you around more often.


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