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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lesson Learned from Carrot Seeds (ETL #2)

If you've read my first ETL post, you know that we decided to grow carrots from seed. I can't begin to tell you how excited I/we (my daughter and I) were to put the soil in the biodegradible boxes and then add seeds. The first sight of those seeds sprouting green was so exciting to me, I showed everyone. What I wasn't expecting was the death of them all. I couldn't understand what I did wrong. I was carefully to explain to the little ones how to know if they were watered already, so they wouldn't be over watered. We gave them plenty of sunlight too. They had prime real estate. They sat atop of the juicer so that they can get a lot of sunlight.

Well, I'll be John Brown, that is why they all died off. They were all reaching toward the sunlight and their little roots could not handle the stretch. I have since learned that if you are growing plants from seed, it is best to have a grow-light system. The grow light sits above them and the roots have no reason to bend. So, I see we have a lot to learn, but I also took this as a life lesson.
When your ideas are young, you must care to not overload it with too much excitment because you may end up leaning in the wrong direction instead of standing tall; which is how you will grow strong.
The carrots in the backyard are still doing great. The tomato plants keep loosing leaves, but it is still growing tall. Our sweet potato plants (3 of them) are still vining away.

Picture source: http://bit.ly/nXLr2n

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