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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Death of a Carrot (ETL #1)

I am no gardener but I sure as hell am trying to figure it out. I have seen tons of YouTube videos in regards to it and let me tell you I am pumped. Earlier this summer, a neighbor gave us some vegetable plants, so I sent my husband out to buy us a raised bed. I was not pleased with his position of the thing, but it is movable. I really don't have a green-thumb and forgot to water it. Needless to say, a few plants have died and well 2 tomatoe plants and 4 sweet potatoe plants remain.
(In this bed to the left: the leaves you see are of the sweet potatoe plants and in the front (the green sticks) are the tomatoes. Later post will be close-ups.)

I know we don't have any tomatoes yet and we should've, but now we are watering and it is still alive. The sweet potatoes are growing too, problem is, I am not sure yet when they will be ready. In the same bed, we have since added a few carrot seeds.

The last day to plant them for a fall harvest was August 15 and so, they are sprouting. We decided to use some space outside and use pots inside.

My carrot seeds inside are dying off. ;(. At the end of this week, I will get some soil from outside and mix it with the organic soil that are in the pots and hopefully have a better soil mix. The organic stuff came with wood chips or something, which to me, is too much.Besides, I can't have all the carrots ready at the same time.

Why carrots, you may ask, well they are $2.50 a bunch at the farmers market. Since there is only 1 farmer who seems to plant them, there is not good bargains. We want to juice them and when we first started, we brought 2 bunches and quickly realized that 2 is not enough for six. I have a dream that in the morning, I will juice the kids some fresh veggies before they are off to school. Our son, can't drink it because he has oral allergy syndrome. So if you do the math, 5 bunches at least 3x a week would equal $15 a week. Not economical, so we purchased a packet for less than $2. After this harvest, we will be better prepared for spring gardening.

It is gettin pretty late to plant other seeds this season, but I will go to Walmart, the local hardware store and Lowes to see what veggie plants are available. Here is a photo of our future raised area. I can't wait to get started on the bed in the front of the house, we will be using concrete blocks.

Thank you for reading, this post is the official start of a new series called Eat To Live (ETL) which will chronical how we tend to grow more of our own foods right in our yard. I hope you enjoyed!!

Till Next Time......
Live Positive ~ Stay Positive

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