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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Married Couple that Dances Together Stays Together

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a hot minute. School started for me and the children and it will take me a little time to get on a routine that works. So, I decided to take a break from my school work (I go online at the local community college in my town) and went on FaceBook. Attached is a video that I saw on my page; it is of a church in Chicago that has a married couples ministry. This is a wonderful idea for churches and I only hope that this is something that catches on fire and spreads as fast as wildfires. Marriage is one of those wonderful, amazing experiences; and at the same time it is most challenging thing next to parenting.

A Good Support System = A Strong Anything

My creative juices are flowing and I am thinking, "how can I do something like this in my community." Have you thought of how you can help the married people in your community?

I hope you enjoy this 5 minute video as much as I did.

This video was copied from Black and Married with Kids

Till Next Time......

Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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