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Friday, August 6, 2010

Put down your righteous flags

I did not plan on writing another post today, but I think I need to. I am all about social issues and changing whether it is yourself or others. I was on facebook today and saw a friends post about the FIRST LADY taking a vacation. I don't know about my readers, but gosh, the things that makes the news kills me sometimes. We, as a people CAN NOT allow foolish things in the media to deter us from what is IMPORTANT. First Lady taking another vacation - not important....First Lady's health initiatives - important. You have to admit that if you had the money, you would be taking yourself a vacation too. Here is my comment about the article:

I am so tired of people waving their righteous flags. Put those S*&$s down. There are plenty of people with money and they are spending it. I work 5 days a week helping people spend their money. If those with money didn't spend it, then ...I and you may not have the jobs/businesses that we have. These issues that are constantly being bought up in the media is to deter you from the realization of "what's really going on". Yes, people are losing there jobs and killing others b/c of it. But, know that this recession is not affecting any and everyone. They President and his wife like Shameka said, were rich before they got into office and they will be rich when they leave. We need not get caught up in all this hoopla, we need to look at ourselves and uplift those around us. Imagine if the whole world did that, iso being upset that the woman took a vacation. I don't care if she took 100 vacations a year. My concern with her as a FIRST LADY, is is she doing her job and is she keeping her husband in check, is she being a good back bone, is she telling him when decision are not right. Thats what we all need to be concerned about not how many vacations she takes.
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  1. LMAO. These are excellent points, Social Butterfly! It takes a little more maturity to not get caught up in mess. Offering any commentary on her vacation is pointless. How is that going to help me? It does not have the capacity too impact me or my vacation plans at all. The media is a little tired. I think that people who even have the time to entertain this as "news" are just a tadbit jealous and should spend more time a. working their business b. generating other streams of revenue so they can enjoy the life they secretly desire and c. work on becoming a better person. I on the other hand, shall spend my time figuring out where I will go on my next vacation!


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