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Friday, August 20, 2010

Shutting Down

Shutting down is a term I used when something or someone did go as planned, then I would shut them or it down. Well, spending many years going with the flow more got me out of practice. It is much harder for me to shut down. Why? Because I am more attached to my situations and have grown a heart. I am realizing, though, that I have decided to get rid of a skill that I thought was useless in having. Hmm, many years later, I am realizing that it is time to utilize that skill for the greater good. It is good for me to shut down.

So, what is shutting down? That is when I, in the past, have quit boyfriends because they are not meeting my needs or, oh, I think that is when I used it. I am laughing to myself. Ok, so the idea is to break things off that are not working (I do do that all the time). I don't glutten for pain, misery, or anything that would fit in that category. Shutting down gives you a break; a break from what you are used to. Humans tend to get comfortable in situations. We learn to deal with uncomfortable issues instead of speaking up and moving on (thats just something random I threw in there).

It is time for me to "SHUT IT DOWN." Things are not working out for me. I am at a cross between doing what my heart is telling me and doing what my mind is telling me. I am going to do another fast next week to see what the spirit is telling me to do.

One of the morals of this post is to figure out how to get in touch with your spirit so that when it is time for you to shut down, you know which way to go when you get going again.

Till Next Time......Live Positive <> Stay Positive

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